What is the Geestdrift Festival?

We notice that every we have more English speaking guests at our festival. So here is some information in English on the Geestdrift Festival.

The Geestdrift Festival is a unique, substantive, progressive, artsy and intimate indoor festival with a program filled with beauty, engagement and meaning. This festival is held once a year in one of Hollands most beautiful ancient churches, the Pieterskerk in the centre of the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The festival differs from any other festival in The Netherlands by touching upon topics like (former) faith traditions, personal beliefs and meaning making and philosophy while combining these with music, art and theatre.

Apart from Dutch performers, musicians and speakers every year international artists and speakers are invited to participate. Some of our international guests the attended Geestdrift Festival were: The Philosopher and theologian John D. Caputo, from the Czech Republic the economist Tomas Sedlacek, the Croatian-American theologian Miroslav Volf, the Iranian activist and Rumi translator Azadeh Sobout.

And furthermore the American poet Christian Wiman, the Irish philosopher Peter Rollins, the incredible New York street legend Baby Dee, the French pianist Charles-Henri Maulini, the Irish poet Padraig O’Tuama, German art-rock formation Sea&Air, the Texan singer songwriter Tess Willey and many many more.

Geestdrift Festival offers its visitors a highly original and striking program with both know and unknown national and international artists and speakers, making room for the search on what remains holy to us.

So what is Geestdrift Festival like?

 Singer David Åhlén:
“It was a special feeling to play at the festival. The beautiful church, the people, the atmosphere and light.
A place that invites contemplation and beauty.”

English philosopher Kester Brewin:
Geestdrift is, quite simply, wonderful: wonderful people, in a wonderful city, with a program full of wonders at every turn. I loved it.
From the food to the music and the openness to ideas, this is not only a very special place, but one so much needed in the global conversation about faith, equality and justice.

Spoken Word Artist Listener:
The Geestdrift Festival for me as an artist was very different from any other festival I’ve played. In my day there I was enjoying the speakers and music and people that came so much that I almost forgot I was there to perform, and then before I knew it was time to get on the stage and be a part of the festival in our way. Geestdrift is a very unique inclusive experience. I felt as though anyone, regardless of why they were there, was as much a part of the festival as any one else.

Philosopher Peter Rollins:
“In the world swapped by festivals of all kinds, Geestdrift stands out as a unique event that blends radical ideas, dangerous conversations and inspiring art to create an immersive — day experience designed to challenge, engage and transform in equal measure.”

Poet and activist Padraig ‘O Tuama:
“I found that the Geestdrift festival was a wonderful gathering of doubt and devotion. Bringing artists, performers, musicians, theologians and writers together, this festival explores corners of belief and belonging. I was inspired by the mixed crowd, the mixed religious perspectives, the mixed media and experiences. It is a balm and a delight.”

Geestdrift Festival was an intellectual and aesthetic delight. A vibrant way to wrestle with great issues of our time and our lives.
Theologian Miroslav Volf

There are lots and lots of festivals. What sets Geestdrift apart is that it does something that nobody else does. It creates an unlikely home for the spirits of people in a place they wouldn’t otherwise feel they belong — in a church. We all ought to belong somewhere. Geestdrift is a good somewhere.
A good somewhere for us ‘unbelongers’.
New York trans street legend Baby Dee

Geestdrift is an absolute treasure, a carefully curated collection of art, music, and presentations that will provoke and inspire. Don’t let its whimsy confuse itsseriousness of purpose. It is a showcase of a progressiveness and inclusive religious spirit at its best.
Philosopher and theologian Jeffrey Robbins


More info and how to get your tickets

The Geestdrift Festival is being held at the beginning of november 2019 in the Pieterskerk at the Pieterskerkhof, a fifteen minute walk from Utrecht Central Train Station.

The price of a whole day ticket is 30 euro at the door, 25 in presale
Tickets can be reserved by sending an email to: miranda@geestdriftfestival.nl

Info for guests from abroad

We try to facilitate our international guests as much as we can in order for them to be part of the Geestdrift Festival experience. This means there will be talks and other programs in English but we can also arrange a translator for you personally. We’ll also gladly help you find a place to stay in Utrecht if needed. Don’t hesitate and contact us at info@geestdriftfestival.nl
The nearest airport is Schiphol, just outside of Amsterdam. It takes you half an hour by train to get from Schiphol to Utrecht Central Station. If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you at Geestdrift Festival on the 28th of October Utrecht. More info in Dutch can be found on www.geestdriftfestival.nl and www.facebook.com/geestdriftfestival